Bjørn Ravlo-Leira


I am Bjørn. Im 25 year old and an industrial design student on the 4th year! Im also a consultant, service designer and on good days I play piano, host music events and make visual expressions.

This page will hopefully give you a good impression of who I am and what I do.

If there is anything more you’re wondering about, send me a mail at if you are near Bakklandet in Trondheim, just shout loudly and maybe ill hear you ;)


Side projects
  1. Audiovisuals
  2. Graphics for musicans and others
  3. AnyoneCanCode
  4. Elvesus
  5. Illustrations

Other ideas

Cool Stuff

A collection of corners on the internet that I find amusing, so maybe you will to!

  1. ThisChairDoesNotExist - Autogenerated Chairs
  2. FoldnFly - Paper plane folding for everyone
  3. PlayPhrase - Find movies from quotes
  4. Spline - 3D-modelling in browser
  5. Neal - More and more complicated trolley problems
  6. EarthFM - Sounds of the earth
  7. Supershapes - Make crazy shapes
  8. Gridzzly - All types of grids, yeah!
  9. Fockups - Realistic Mockups

1. Aftenrøde

Main project consept picture
Fochs Koshka promotion

Aftenrøde is a club consept developed by my organization Kjevebrenner. The organization is working towards developing a more diverse nightlife- and concert culture in Norway, and mainly focuses on electronic music. AsI will get into in the text below, Kjevebrenner started out with two people, but is now being led by me and has a total of five people working for it.
Aftenrøde is the first of many events by this crew.

In november 2022, my roommate, while working for one of the biggest booking agencies in Norway, was asked by Byscenen, a big consert venue in Trondheim to book more “unorthodox” performances. After telling this to me, I saw an opportunity to do something with this offer. Together, we approached Byscenen and told them we wanted to host the biggest club event in the city this year. A very ambitious project, but reachable. 

What started out as a fun idea quickly became both our main priorities outside of school and work. Not only shoud this be a great event for the city this one day, but it symbolizes more than that. First of all we wanted to show how much talent is produced in Trondheim, and how it doesnt corelate with the venues or opportunities that are offered to them. Second, Trondheim has a very monotone culture when it comes to nightlife and the biggest actors in the city does not give space for expoloration and creativity. Third, we wanted to demonstrate how it is possible to host large scale events without being backed by a major agency or organisation, and hope it can serve as in inspiration for others that want to do the same. 

Fochs Koshka
Our “Moon”
Might Be Twins

Aftenrøde was a great success. We managed to make a profit on our first try and more importantly achive all the goals we started out with. We managed to host a large scale event without being backed by any large organization. We showcased local talent on a local stage and hope this can serve as inspiration for others.

Aftenrøde has become a dear child of mine, after having spent countless hours organizing it. This industry was completly new to me as the project began, and now i feel i have a firm grasp of it. 

Throughout the project duration I have been acting as a project manager, and managed to recruit four others to join. I have delt with several booking agancies and agents, artists and production- and tour managers, written applications and recived public finacial support as well as signed deals with private companies. I have designed the graphic identity, posters and posters for social media.

Lastly i have also done stage and light design for the event, hereby embarking totally new challenges as they came and needed to be solved in order to appear professional in every way.

See you there next year!

Satisfied host!