Bjørn Ravlo-Leira


I am Bjørn. Im 25 year old and an industrial design student on the 4th year! Im also a consultant, service designer and on good days I play piano, host music events and make visual expressions.

This page will hopefully give you a good impression of who I am and what I do.

If there is anything more you’re wondering about, send me a mail at if you are near Bakklandet in Trondheim, just shout loudly and maybe ill hear you ;)


Side projects
  1. Audiovisuals
  2. Graphics for musicans and others
  3. AnyoneCanCode
  4. Elvesus
  5. Illustrations

Other ideas

Cool Stuff

A collection of corners on the internet that I find amusing, so maybe you will to!

  1. ThisChairDoesNotExist - Autogenerated Chairs
  2. FoldnFly - Paper plane folding for everyone
  3. PlayPhrase - Find movies from quotes
  4. Spline - 3D-modelling in browser
  5. Neal - More and more complicated trolley problems
  6. EarthFM - Sounds of the earth
  7. Supershapes - Make crazy shapes
  8. Gridzzly - All types of grids, yeah!
  9. Fockups - Realistic Mockups

4. Elvesus

                Bilder fra Elvesus 2023Elvesus is the lovliest little back yard festival you will ever see. Hosted by the the river in a big garden in the centre of Trondheim. If you are lucky enough to get i space you will catch some of the best musicians around in an intimate and comfortable setting, while you sip on a homemade cucumber and coriander drink.

Elvesus has been hosted for three years in a row, and been every expanding, as far as  our little garden lets us. Every year we host 140 people and some of the greatest musicians around. This year included Sara Fjeldvær, The Impossible Green and Jonas Brekke to say the least.

From early in the morning, the invited guest are welomed with homemade food, drinks and smaller acts, be it song, dance or theatre.  As the evening gets close, and the garden fills up, bigger and bigger acts will take the stage.

If that was not enough, after the concerts have ended, we invite everyone to loose control in “Die Höhle”. Our own little club, located in the bike shelter.

See you there!