Bjørn Ravlo-Leira


I am Bjørn. Im 25 year old and an industrial design student on the 4th year! Im also a consultant, service designer and on good days I play piano, host music events and make visual expressions.

This page will hopefully give you a good impression of who I am and what I do.

If there is anything more you’re wondering about, send me a mail at if you are near Bakklandet in Trondheim, just shout loudly and maybe ill hear you ;)


Side projects
  1. Audiovisuals
  2. Graphics for musicans and others
  3. AnyoneCanCode
  4. Elvesus
  5. Illustrations

Other ideas

Cool Stuff

A collection of corners on the internet that I find amusing, so maybe you will to!

  1. ThisChairDoesNotExist - Autogenerated Chairs
  2. FoldnFly - Paper plane folding for everyone
  3. PlayPhrase - Find movies from quotes
  4. Spline - 3D-modelling in browser
  5. Neal - More and more complicated trolley problems
  6. EarthFM - Sounds of the earth
  7. Supershapes - Make crazy shapes
  8. Gridzzly - All types of grids, yeah!
  9. Fockups - Realistic Mockups

3. AnyoneCanCode

In short of good pictures, here is a rock
Another rock
And a third one

            Written by me
  • My most ambitious but currently sidelined project. An attempt and a desire to contribute.

    AnyoneCanCode is a project started by me and developer Oliver Ullman. We both lived in Argentina to learn Spanish and funded the trip by working as freelance frontend developers. A delightful experience for those fortunate enough to try it. It eventually struck us how significant and wonderful this opportunity truly was. We also realized the position we were in to try and do something about it.

Fully aware of the scale of the project and the knowledge that there are already existing solutions (FreeCodeCamp, TheOdinProject) made us approach the project with an attitude to learn as much as possible and hopefully be able to pass on a well-started product to more experienced people when we were well on our way. After all, the goal was to help. With me on design, Oliver as the developer, and two others on marketing and communication, we started building the platform from scratch. The project aimed to develop a free website, inspired by FreeCodeCamp, that would provide easy access to all available knowledge and inspire students to engage in holistic self-driven problem-solving, a crucial skill for professional developers. 

The project was kept going for about eight months, with steady effort and progress. It peaked when we received support from Rubrik, Oliver's employer, in November 2021, to continue development, allowing both of us to take a month off from work to focus full-time on ACC. At that point, we were a team of six, four developers and two designers, working on the project. Unfortunately, the adventure came to an end after that month, at least temporarily. I left Argentina, and Oliver had to return to his full-time job. This meant we lacked both the time and financial support to continue. The existing platforms also implemented some of the solutions we thought would make ours stand out, so the initiative was no longer as necessary. We'll see what the future holds. Perhaps we'll start again. We'll see.

Link to Frontend

Link to Backend

Link to  Linkedin

Oh ye, another one