Bjørn Ravlo-Leira


I am Bjørn. Im 25 year old and an industrial design student on the 4th year! Im also a consultant, service designer and on good days I play piano, host music events and make visual expressions.

This page will hopefully give you a good impression of who I am and what I do.

If there is anything more you’re wondering about, send me a mail at if you are near Bakklandet in Trondheim, just shout loudly and maybe ill hear you ;)


Side projects
  1. Audiovisuals
  2. Graphics for musicans and others
  3. AnyoneCanCode
  4. Elvesus
  5. Illustrations

Other ideas

Cool Stuff

A collection of corners on the internet that I find amusing, so maybe you will to!

  1. ThisChairDoesNotExist - Autogenerated Chairs
  2. FoldnFly - Paper plane folding for everyone
  3. PlayPhrase - Find movies from quotes
  4. Spline - 3D-modelling in browser
  5. Neal - More and more complicated trolley problems
  6. EarthFM - Sounds of the earth
  7. Supershapes - Make crazy shapes
  8. Gridzzly - All types of grids, yeah!
  9. Fockups - Realistic Mockups

“Binary Cart”

                Mar2024“Binary Cart” is an innovative installation featuring 841 wood tiles, half black and half white, enough to create any 29 by 29 QR code. This mobile artwork is housed within a shopping cart, making it convenient to transport to different locations.

The concept is simple yet powerful: each wood tile represents a binary digit, allowing for the creation of any QR code imaginable. Visitors can rearrange the tiles to form familiar QR patterns or invent new ones, exploring the endless possibilities of information encoding and decoding.

"Binary Cart" offers a hands-on experience that encourages viewers to engage with the artwork in a tangible way. By interacting with the tiles, visitors gain insights into the underlying structure of digital communication and the flexibility of binary code.

Whether you're a tech enthusiast, an art lover, or simply curious about the intersection of creativity and technology, "Binary Cart" invites you to explore the vast landscape of binary possibilities. Join us as we decode the language of the digital age and unlock the potential of the QR code transformer.