Bjørn Ravlo-Leira


I am Bjørn. Im 25 year old and an industrial design student on the 4th year! Im also a consultant, service designer and on good days I play piano, host music events and make visual expressions.

This page will hopefully give you a good impression of who I am and what I do.

If there is anything more you’re wondering about, send me a mail at if you are near Bakklandet in Trondheim, just shout loudly and maybe ill hear you ;)


Side projects
  1. Audiovisuals
  2. Graphics for musicans and others
  3. AnyoneCanCode
  4. Elvesus
  5. Illustrations

Other ideas

Cool Stuff

A collection of corners on the internet that I find amusing, so maybe you will to!

  1. ThisChairDoesNotExist - Autogenerated Chairs
  2. FoldnFly - Paper plane folding for everyone
  3. PlayPhrase - Find movies from quotes
  4. Spline - 3D-modelling in browser
  5. Neal - More and more complicated trolley problems
  6. EarthFM - Sounds of the earth
  7. Supershapes - Make crazy shapes
  8. Gridzzly - All types of grids, yeah!
  9. Fockups - Realistic Mockups

9. Trumbull Stickney


From The Soul of Time, 1904
        Time’s a circumference
        Whereof the segment of our station seems
        A long straight line from nothing into naught.
        Therefore we say “progress,” “infinity” —
        Dull words whose object
        Hangs in the air of error and delights
        Our boyish minds a hunt for butterflies.
        For aspiration studies not the sky
        But looks for stars


From I Used to Think, 1905
  •         I used to think 
  •         The mind essential in the body, even 
  •         As stood the body essential in the mind: 
  •         Two inseparable things, by nature equal 
  •         And similar, and in creation’s song 
  •         Halving the total scale: it is not so. 
  •         Unlike and cross like driftwood sticks they come 
  •         Churned in the giddy trough: a chunk of pine, 
  •         A slab of rosewood: mangled each on each 
  •         With knocks and friction, or in deadly pain 
  •         Sheathing each other’s splinters: till at last 
  •         Without all stuff or shape they’re jetted up 
  •         Where in the bluish moisture rot whate’er 
  •         Was vomited in horror from the sea.